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Concentrated powder for bleeding control simulations and trainings. Might be used with all Easy Practice trainers. The color of the ready solution is very close to the color of real human blood. Contains coagulant. A set of 2 containers is suitable for preparing at least 1 gallon of the ready solution (the concentration can be reduced at your decision by adding more water). Ready solution can be stored at a temperature from +5℃ to +1℃ (in a refrigerator) for 10 days.

WARNING! The powder for the preparation of artificial blood contains dyes that can leave traces. Be especially careful when using the solution around fabrics, wood floors, furniture, and human hair. Hand or automatic machine wash will remove stains from most types of fabric. Use carefully while applying it on fur, hair, some types of synthetic fabrics and wooden surfaces. Please wash thoroughly the simulator and blood delivery tubes and systems after each training. Do not leave artificial blood solution in trainers.

Package contains:

– Two containers of powdered artificial blood concentrate with coagulant

– Instructions manual

WARNING: Not intended for human consumption DO NOT put in mouth!

Made in Ukraine. The product is certified.


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