Inguinal Packing Trainer


Hemorrhage control packing skills (inguinal gunshot wound) trainer

Wearable trainer for hemorrhage control packing skills (inguinal gunshot wound). Used for training pre-hospital patient care of junctional hemorrhage control where tourniquet application is impossible.

Highly-realistic trainer can be fitted on both mannequin and actor using reliable soft and elastic Velcro fastening system. PRO-011-BC simulator is used to advance skills in managing critical inguinal bleeding using wound packing with training gauze (TG-10).

The bleeding is independently controlled by instructor with a manual blood delivery system with manual pump for venous or arterial pulsatile blood hemorrhage imitation. It helps the trainee to get an instant feedback if he/she is successful in managing the hemorrhage (end of bleeding). The trainer is made to be used for the left side inguinal area only.

Contents of package:
– realistic compact simulator with one large GSW wound
– advanced blood supply system with manual pump
– Manual and limited warranty letter

Made in Ukraine. 12 months limited warranty.

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