Hemorrhage Control Trainer Kit, SL-02-BC KIT


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Simulator for hemorrhage control with two independent wounds. Used for advancing pre-hospital emergency patient care skills using wound packing techniques.

The simulator contains two different injuries:

  • Deep laceration or stab wound
  • Large caliber gunshot wound

Instructor independently controls the bleeding of each wound with a manual blood pump system (sold separately, SKU BP-01). It helps the trainee to get an instant feedback if managing the hemorrhage is successful.

Made of soft high-grade silicone, highly durable, latex free. Using additional make-up will make your training more realistic.

Please note: all EasyPractice moulages and hemorrhage control simulators are very easy to clean after the training with regular water if professional makeup and fake blood are used.

Contents of package:

  • two independent wounds realistic simulator
  • silicone connection tube
  • soft bottle for fake blood controlled delivery
  • transportation case