Critical hemorrhage control simulator, MS-03-BC


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Wearable simulator for hemorrhage control with extremely realistic large caliber gunshot wound. Used for training pre-hospital patient care of hemorrhage control with wound packing.

The ultra-realistic critical bleeding control simulator MS-03-BC is the perfect device for training of hemorrhage control and management of gunshot wounds. It is used to advance skills in managing critical bleeding using wound packing by hemostatic powder and hemostatic bandage. Soft and elastic fixation system can be used on both arm and leg wound training.

The bleeding is independently controlled by instructor with a manual blood delivery system. We recommend using the BP-01 pump blood delivery system for simulators to imitate venous or arterial pulsatile blood hemorrhage. It helps the trainee to get an instant feedback if he/she is successful in managing the hemorrhage (end of bleeding).

Contents of package:

  • realistic compact simulator with one deep dissected wound
  • fake blood supply system

Inside the package:

  • realistic compact simulator with one deep large caliber gunshot wound;
  • fake blood supply system