All wound moulages (no exceptions) are considered to be consumables. The manufacturer does not provide warranty for moulages series S, M, L. Initial properties of moulage can be kept for as long as 12 months under the conditions of proper use. 

Simulators of BL, SL, and MS series have a 1-year warranty for certain parts of a simulator and mechanical joints. Warranty is not applicable to make up parts of simulators. It is also not applicable to cases of intentional misuse, unintentional break-up or intentional damage to a simulator and any case of modification of the device. Workshop Easy Practice leaves the right to repair or replace used parts on its own behalf after conducted expertise check. All complaints and documents including photos that are related to the warranty please send to ( Workshop Easy Practice has right to change the content of bundle, technical characteristics and looks without warning the customer. Please read and follow the exploitation manual.