All moulages are manufactured and painted manually. This makes them unique and  as realistic as possible. With the help of basic strapping system moulages can be easily and quickly attached (without use of Velcro). They are easy to wash so you can use additional make-up and it will enhance your training. We successfully combined technology and experience which helps moulages to stay elastic and durable even under extreme weather conditions. We utilize only safe materials during manufacturing process.

There are 3 series
of moulages grouped by size:

Size S – recommended for use on manikins to imitate the injuries of upper limbs

Size M – recommended for use on manikins to imitate the injuries of lower and upper limbs

Size L – recommended for use on manikins to imitate the injuries of lower limbs

Our simulators are easy to use and bring immersive experience to users due to integrated system of blood supply. Their realism will help to enhance the skills of wound packing. There are two series:

Big Leg -01, simulator with a big, single wound. Has increased durability and proper elasticity.

Small Leg-02, simulator that recreates two types of wounds – gunshot wound (GSW) and large lacerated wound. Simulators have an independent blood supply system together with pumping device that comes in package. Elasticity of simulators adds more realism.

Attention! We are not a serial manufacturer hence most of our creations we made on by-order basis. We start proceeding on order after all questions were settled down on both sides. We do this in order to minimize misunderstanding during order. It takes 5 to 10 working days to complete order. It depends on difficulty, volume and all agreed technical specifications during ordering process (arrival time is not included). Manufacturing process is initiated after order was fully billed or after mutual agreement of both sides was achieved. Thank you for understanding. We are always ready to help you.        

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