General information

Moulage wound

Allmolds of wounds are made and painted by hand, which makes them unique and as realistic as possible. Just captured, patented fixing system. Easy to wash after using makeup or artificial blood. Protected from the influence of salty water (seawater). Missing latex components. Only safe materials are used in the production. The warranty on all dummies does not apply to injuries. When properly used, the properties of themolds are stored for 12 months. 

Circular Moulage, series PRO

Circular moldingsmade of combined materials. They are of several sizes due to the stretching of thematerial. They are easy to clean, have a realistic appearance and are resistant to damage to the silicone layer. The life of the dummies with proper use is 12 months. 

Bleeding control simulators

Our simulators are simple in use and give realistic experience for users due to the built-in system that creates a profuse bleeding in wound channel by using the artificial blood. Still, some products have a 1-year replacement warranty for certain removable parts. On the painted parts of the simulators the warranty does not apply .

Warranty doesn’t apply to any case of misuse or modification of the product. Easy Practice can provide repair or replacement of details after the detailed study of each case of breakdown of the product. Easy Practice manufactory reserves the right to change the specification, specifications and appearance. Please read the manual before using the product.